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"You rule the raging of the sea;
When its waves rise, You still them."
-Psalm 89:9

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The Thai New Year is upon us!

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Senior Retreat

Youth Retreat, Spring 2013!

What’s been happenin’?

Youth Retreat was March 22nd-24th and we had a fabulous time exploring God’s voice and what He says when facing certain issues in our life! I had a small group made up of kids who I don’t usually have in my small group on Friday night Exchanges, and I loved getting to hang out with them over that weekend. I also loved being able to connect with people I don’t usually get to spend a lot of time with, such as my fellow youth leaders.

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Youth Retreat tonight!

How exciting =D I hope I have enough energy to last this weekend! XD

Wowowowowow last week at Passport! Closing this Friday!! Kinda surreal… I feel like I’ve only started here! (To be fair, I’ve only been working here since Jan…) but yeah! Exited about the opening of Entrance (which is… ironically, this Friday as well!) I’ll start working there in April though - taking a week off, got so much to do!

Journal Entries from Africa #7

2012, October 25th, Thursday

I AM SO TIRED! But today was a fabulous day - one of the best so far. We went and visited a ministry this morning that helps and reaches out to women at risk and women in prostitution. Having witnessed and experienced the power and very difficult spiritual battle that comes with this type of ministry through Night Light, it was exciting and really touching for me to visit them here in Ethiopia. We shared the sign skit with them, and also our Hip Hop dance! P’Uab led a devotional on the prostitute who Jesus saved from being stoned in John 8 (which, btw, was not what she had planned on sharing, but what God had impressed on her heart to share). It was so awesome to see how God orchestrated everything, and how He touched the hearts of our sisters there. Down to the lyrics of the very songs we did our skit and dance too! Songs and messaged of freedom in Christ. Powerful!

We then spent the afternoon mulling around before heading to an orphanage. It was an incredible blessing to be there - to play and to love on all those curly black-haired Africa babies… but it was also very hard to see how much they have been hurt, how much they distrusted people, how sad they were when we had to say bye - because they don’t get it. They’re still too young to understand, yet old enough to see what’s going on: that they were being left behind, again. We also got to hand out with the older (teen) kids and we danced for them and with them and had so much…

Overall, it was a wonderful, fulfilling, but emotionally & spiritually draining day.

Often at places like these (orphanages) they have rules against short term visitors and things like that, and I completely understand their reasoning. Perhaps it would be better to embrace these guidelines? These children are too precious, yet too young to understand. God, love on them!

>> Chala's Story <<

Just wanted to share this with you - God is doing some really cool stuff over on this side of the world! It really encourages my heart when I read testimonies like this =) Please continue praying for God’s children in Thailand! Both the lost and the found =) He loves them all!

Journal Entries from Africa #6

Hello! It’s been a while, so it is time for another Journal entry =)

2012, October 23rd, Tuesday

This morning we spent time at a feeding center that feeds roughly 300 women and children. Again, we got to share with them our Thai dance and the sign skit, and just spent time encouraging them. It was easier to pass out the injera today. I was in the shade the entire time, and I didn’t have to bend over or walk around. But it was hard seeing homeless mothers come with their children and not hang enough to eat. It’s hard when you wish you could give more but you also have to be fair to everyone. So many women all in the same boat of not having enough to eat… Anyway, no matter what, GOD is GOOD.

Later on, we had dinner at our usual place, Herman. Halfway through dinner, the power went out! So, Jermaine (the owner/manager) went and borrowed some random customer’s cell phone so that we could have some light at our table, and then he went and found some candles and lit them for our table. We were the only table in the restaurant to have a personal candle on our table! Other candles were spread throughout the restaurant. This restaurant, Jermaine and the other waiters have been such a HUGE blessing to us (and so patient too!) I hope that we have been able to be a blessing to them too… =)